Quick! Hazardous Waste Collection Tomorrow

That's September 8 in Canaan. Click on the brochure for details.


When OJ Made Orange Famous (Almost)

Sandi sent along some clippings from the Mascoma Week newspaper of 1971, back when the Town's population was a third of its current size.

The stories report that, over one weekend, some three-quarters of the residents took part in a commercial for the orange juice industry. Each participant got paid $170 for the shoot, which took place just outside the Town House.

Alas, the commercial, created by the Benton & Bowles advertising agency, never aired. But take a look at the clips. There's a picture in the first one showing Orangeites who are seriously juiced. Can you identify any of them? (Click on the thumbnails for full-sized images.)




More Trash News!

Sandi passed this along from Canaan town administrator Mike Sampson at the last Selectboard meeting:


You may come to the Canaan trash facility with a trailer load or truckload of trash... but not both at the same time. It holds things up too long. 
There will be a "large trash day" at the Canaan facility sometime this fall. We'll let you know the date as soon as we know it.




Large Trash Question Answered

A resident asked when the next large trash pickup was scheduled. Here's Dorothy's answer:

There is no plan to have curbside large trash pickup.

However, many of the items that were commonly picked up at large trash day can be taken to the Canaan Transfer Station. If you are cleaning out a house and moving or just have lots of stuff, you can call the Transfer Station and request a time to deliver a large load when the station is otherwise closed.

 There will be a specific large trash day down at the Transfer Station this fall; we are waiting to learn the date from Mike Sampson, Canaan’s town administrator.


Supervisors of the Checklist Meeting

Beth Difrancesco asked us to post this:

The supervisors of the checklist will meet 6:00–6:30pm Wednesday, August 29 in the Town House to register new voters and correct the checklist. No additions or corrections shall be made to the checklist after this session, until election day.

As always, you'll find this and other events on the calendar.