Select Board Meeting Change

The Board will meet next Monday, July 23, at 6:00pm, instead of its usual Tuesday time. As usual, the change will be reflected in the calendar


A Civil War Veteran Gets a Rededication

Moses Hale, who's buried in the French Cemetery here in Orange, had his headstone rededicated in a ceremony adapted from a 1917 service for the use of the Grand Army of the Republic. A group of people from the Upper Valley came on the Fourth to watch a troop march, fire a salute and play taps.

Here are photos; click on the thumbnails for full images.  (If you're receiving this by email, be sure and click to the site!)




Hear Bear Guy Ben Kilham Speak

The Upper Valley Lake Sunappee Regional Planning Commission is holding its annual dinner meeting. Registration is open to all. The guest speaker is  black bear rescuer and behaviorist Ben Kilham. He gave a hugely popular presentation at the Town House a few years ago.


5-8pm June 19

Dowds’ Country Inn, Lyme, NH


Register here.



Supervisors of the Checklist Meeting

The Supervisors of the Checklist will meet 7-7:30pm Tuesday, June 5, 2018, to register any new voters and make corrections to the  checklist.


Missing Cat

The Azzes' young indoor-only cat, Noah, decided to go exploring and snuck out of a window while they were away.

He was last seen early this morning (Friday the 18th) running across the street from 25 Cardigan Mountain Road.

He has long hair and a long, fluffy black tail.

"He is a text-book scaredy cat and will run if approached," Jason says. "He even runs from us."

If you happen to see him, please call them at 203-232-0805 (mobile).

Jason and Nicole Azze