Minutes, January 10, 2019

Orange Conservation Commission



1.    The meeting was called to order at 6:12 pm
2.    Attendance: Dorothy Heinrichs (chair), Jay Heinrichs, Trish Weekes, Doug Weeks, Dave Stacy
3.    Reviewed and approved the minutes of 12.5.18 Moved Dave, 2ndDoug, unanimous
4.    February 23rdpotluck with slides from OCC and Orange Historical Commission – Sandi is contact
5.    Review assignments

Assignments: outstanding items

  • Sandi explore conservation easement with Landowners bordering Orange Basin
  • Jay link mine maps from Map section to Sandi’s text
  • Jay still needs the Orange 2014 Master Plan as a word document

All review recommendations, consider what you think Orange and the commission should do
The board reviewed the list of recommendations with updates and added several more:
Cluster development – a second or two from Scott Sanborn
Replanting after timber harvest in State Forest – recommend that OCC/town residents do this
Dave suggested that OCC talk with State Fish and Game about reducing moose harvest due to
   Drastic die-off of moose due to winter ticks
Doug suggested we have an annual “Christmas” bird count and that town residents are 
   encouraged to send updates to bird and wildlife lists to point person on the OCC
6.    Review deadlines
Final copy due: November 20, 1018 DONE
Layout and design: Once Jay has material ready, Trish and Dorothy
  Phase 1: word documents and pdf – review all
                   Table of Contents – review all
  Phase 2: all converted to pdfs, check outline
  Phase 3: all converted to a single pdf, one last look and then to printer
To printer: February 14, 2019
Presentation at Town Meeting: March 13,2019
7.    Draft Conservation Commission Report for Town Report – due January 31, 2019  
 DBH will send draft to all board members
8.    Other business – Board requests that Sandi including information on NRI, upcoming 2/23 potluck and slideshow in mailing that goes out with town report (does the timing work?)
9.    Adjourned at 7:15 pm